View from the board: DCUC continues the fight

I’m not going to talk about COVID in this article.  I’m tired, real tired, with the phrase “these turbulent times” that seems to find itself in the first sentence of damn near every article I’ve read over the past couple of years.  I’m not going to bore you with stories of our struggles to maintain staffing or comply with flippity-floppity guidance and regulations – from everybody!   Nope! Not going to talk about it.

Instead of all that, I want to talk about something positive.  I want to tell you why Frontwave Credit Union has been a member of the Defense Credit Union Council for more than 54 years – and why we find value in what DCUC provides. On the top of that list is what I believe to be DCUC’s primary purpose: ADVOCACY.

It was around 16 years ago when the Marine Corps informed us that they were going to start charging Fair Market Value for our leases on the four Southern California Marine Corps installations we serve. At that time, we had three branches and over 30 ATMs on those installations, so this was no small chunk of change.

To help member credit unions continue to provide the best possible service to those who serve, DCUC partnered with NAFCU and leveraged the strength of their vast membership to pursue remedies to the Fair Market Value issue. Their diligence and persistence eventually garnered Department of Defense support for “in-kind consideration” and, ultimately, the “no-cost” land lease policy we have today.  Frontwave could not have done that alone.   Few, if any of us, could have done that alone.  We truly are, stronger together.


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