What the next 90 days can mean for your success

So, it’s been a little over 90 days since most of us started our new year’s resolutions and down our individual paths toward greater results, reaffirmation, and renewal. Have you hit your target? Are you still going, or did you decide to throw in the towel early?

I have always maintained that everyone has the same opportunity each year to make their resolutions a reality; the key is committing to at least 90 consecutive days where you can focus your drive and dedication towards achieving that perfect balance and meeting your goals.

That being said, this 90-day stretch doesn’t come easily! There are always peaks and valleys along the way. I am sure many of you have experienced a few already.

Here is what likely occurred in the last 90 days:

Some of you were on track for the first month. Then you had to take a break to deal with some sort of setback or distraction. The good news is you still have time to get back on track.

So, you got up, dusted yourself off, and probably made it through your next stretch before encountering another setback. Did you give up? Where are you now?

As of April 1, you still have 275 days to keep at it, and there’s no time like the present to try again.

I just finished my latest 90-day burst. Despite my own peaks and valleys (including a pair of injuries), I can finally report that I hit the 90-day target! My Peloton app tells me I completed over 11,000 minutes so far this year. My journal documents several other personal goals in line with achieving balance. So, theoretically, I can and (probably should) just “coast” the rest of the year. WRONG!

It would be foolish to stop now! Maybe all you planned was for ONE 90-day burst inside of 365 days. But remember, momentum is what keeps you rolling and succeeding, whether in your personal or professional lives. Once you lose momentum, it takes much more effort to restore it. So once again, I am looking through the lens of both the telescope and kaleidoscope in setting some new goals for 2023.

Professionally, DCUC just signed our newest member credit union—moving ahead in our 5-year strategic plan. Just like balance wheels, things are rolling right along for DCUC. My point: even after many attempts over the years, it’s always possible to hit the 90-day marker and make your goals a reality!

I hope you won’t quit either. Whether you’ve already hit your goal, are getting close, or need to reignite your quest, the main thing to remember is don’t give up; not in your personal life, not in your professional life, and certainly not in your social life. Make every day count!

Finally, when Planning for Success, remember the formula is simple and straightforward:

Step One: Set the goal.

Step Two: Create the plan.

Step Three: Forget the goal and work the plan!

Now get out there and work your plan!

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Anthony Hernandez

Anthony Hernandez

Anthony Hernandez is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC).  He joined DCUC as its Chief Operating Officer in August 2016 and was selected ... Web: www.dcuc.org Details