Why your members are in debt

According to an August 2017 report from CareerBuilder, nearly 3 in 4 workers say they are in debt, and more than half of those think they always will be. Why is that? Well, here are four reasons why…

Keeping up with the Kardashians (or Joneses): We often have the desire to have the things that others have, even if those things are too much for our budget. If you go around buying everything you see that makes you feel like you’re missing out, you’re probably going to put yourself in a financial hole. Take a pause when you feel an impulse-buy coming on, and save yourself a headache later.

Credit cards: Don’t let your credit cards rule your life.. Take hold of your finances and don’t spend money that you don’t have. There are definitely benefits to using credit cards, but they can also become your enemy if you’re not careful. Feel free to use credit cards to build a good credit score, but if you start racking up debt, it might be time to start cutting them up.

Emergency expenses: Sometimes expenses come out of nowhere. You may feel like you’re doing good, but then your transmission fails and you’re in trouble. Be prepared. Make sure you’re building up your emergency fund, because if you don’t have it when you need it, you can quickly end up in a rut.

Life is expensive: You may think you’re doing well sticking to your budget but then your best friend turns 30. The next thing you know, you’re hitting up an ATM machine and the party is on. Sometimes, you need to spend money celebrating, but plan ahead and you’ll be doing yourself a favor down the road.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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