10 smart ways to teach kids about money through the years

Here are 10 steps parents can take with kids ages 5 and up to improve youngsters’ familiarity with important financial concepts and habits.

Learning about money is the foundation of financial literacy and the key to achieving financial security. Yet financial education isn’t part of the curriculum in most U.S. schools.

Only eight states have fully implemented a requirement for all high school students to take one semester-long personal finance course before graduation, according to Next Gen Personal Finance’s 2023 State of Financial Education report. Ten other states are in the process of implementing this requirement.

“When you ask people, very few people will say that financial education is a bad thing,” said Laura Levine, president and CEO of Jumpstart Coalition, a non-profit financial literacy organization. “But when it comes to implementing it into the school system, it’s a matter of priorities.”

That means parents and other adults may need to step in to teach children basic money concepts.


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