10 strategies for a digital detox

Jim Rohn said ‘success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practices every day’

I bet Jim was an awesome dinner date. He’s on my list of people I would have loved spent time with. He’s right about success, but what if it’s discipline we lack?

According to Fast Company, social media promotes narcissism, smartphones could cause insomnia, and screens seem to be making kids less empathetic.

Do you suffer from Facebook fatigue?

Do you suffer from social media overwhelm?

That was my reality (digital overwhelm) and so I decided to go on a self-imposed digital detox. You are probably familiar with juice detoxes (which I also love… but that’s topic for another blog). My digital detox was three days without email, social media and being online in any way.

Could you do a digital detox?

I thought it would be easy (well it was… and it wasn’t). I loved not looking at my phone, turning on my computer or mindlessly scrolling through websites. I also chose a holiday weekend so it was easier and many people were distracted by celebrating with those they love.

Here are 10 ways you could try your own digital detox… you might want to start small, maybe don’t go for three days… maybe start with 3 hours on Sunday morning – can you do it? 

  1. Choose a timeframe – determine how long and honor the commitment to yourself. If going off line gives you heart palpitations you may want to start small. Could you start with a 3-hour timeframe?
  2. Tell loved ones – if your family and friends are used to connecting with you online, share with them that you are going offline and reassure them you are OK. Do you need to schedule a date with someone you care about to remind them they are special to you?
  3. Put away devices – consider switching it off and if you can’t do that; leave it in your bag or your car or desk drawer so you aren’t tempted to take a sneak peak at email or Facebook. Do you really need your phone with you 24/7?
  4. Turn off notifications – turn off anything that will distract you like messages, sounds or reminders that you have messages waiting for you. Do you really need all those reminders making you feel bad?
  5. Complete some projects –15 magazines sat in a pile reminding me I was behind…. each time another Success magazine arrived I felt overwhelmed … one of my projects was to enjoy the pile of magazines, take action on things I read and now the pile is only 5 magazines. Can’t say I completed it, but did make a huge dint in the pile. What is something that needs your attention that you have been putting off?
  6. Use blocking software – I love Freedom App on my laptop and iPhone, which blocks websites for periods of time so I can get things done. Could you try Freedom to allow you to focus and get things done?
  7. Be quiet – the biggest benefit of the detox was being alone with my thoughts (which is good and scary … it’s crazy town in my head). On Sunday a 5-mile walk with no phone, no music, and no gadgets felt so good. It was great to notice much more and to work things out on my walk. Could you sit still for a period of time and be alone with your thoughts?
  8. Schedule fun – plan to meet someone for a date, go hiking, sit in the sun, read magazines, or call someone you love that you haven’t spoken to for a while. Could you use the time to do something you love to do without technology?
  9. Be accountable – share with the people in your home that you are going to be offline and would love their support. I even offered to give my honey my cell phone to keep me accountable, but didn’t need to. Who do you need to be accountable to?
  10. Enjoy the focus – we are so distracted with so much verbal, written and online clutter we forget what it is like to truly focus on a project, in a conversation or with our friends. Where do you need to listen with your eyes more?

Put down your device, switch off the laptop, look someone in the eye and enjoy your version of a digital detox.

Maybe Jim Rohn is right… discipline practiced daily does lead to success. What could you do?

Love to hear your ideas your version of a digital detox and what have been your results, share them here:

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