13 unconventional bank marketing campaigns for 2022

A unique (and effective) marketing campaign is crucial to any sector, but banking needs them the most, because 'traditional' can get old, real fast. Here are some creative marketing ideas (from a mix of banks, credit unions, digital banks and fintechs) that are keeping banking on its toes.

Traditional financial marketing faces a stiff headwind. Banks and credit unions are institutionally a conservative group, running marketing campaigns that lean on the safe side instead of letting loose with an out-of-the-box idea.

Financial marketers want to be creative, but they also don’t want to run the risk of upsetting regulators, customers or senior management. Unfortunately that approach puts these institutions at a disadvantage to newer competitors — the digital-savvy fintechs and neobanks that don’t care if their ideas push the envelope. They aren’t regulated as closely (if at all) and have significantly more freedom to get creative.

Additionally, they’re marketing mainly to younger consumers, who are naturally more open to new ideas.

Regardless of the constraints, some banks and credit unions have released truly innovative campaigns. In this gallery we present not only these, but a selection of efforts from the digital-only crowd who have been leading the way with clever and original ideas — sometimes even a little crazy.


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