15 ways to make your credit union’s meetings more efficient

by. Chad Stanislav

Meetings can be very beneficial or the biggest waste of time for a credit union, company or organization.

How many times have you been in a work meeting and when it’s over wondered what was the purpose? Or, you attended a scheduled thirty minute meeting only to be looking at the clock as it passes an hour and half later. How many times have you sat in a meeting and think this is a waste of time? Recent studies have even raised the questions whether meetings are wasting companies’ resources, costs, and are not productive. However, we are conditioned to have meetings in business. So, how do we conduct a meeting in the most efficient and effective manner?

If you have been involved with meetings, you probably have a good foundation for what makes a good meeting such as:

      • Establish a start and end time for the meeting
      • Send an agenda out ahead of the meeting
      • Be punctual to the meeting
      • Have a clear objective for the meeting
      • Record minutes of the meeting

How many times have your best intentions about the meeting gone to the wayside? If a meeting starts late, there is wasted time. For example, a key participant in a meeting is 15 minutes late while 10 people wait. The company has wasted two and half hours of production time. If a clear objective is not established, employees may leave wondering what was accomplished in the meeting.


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