2019 trends in wealth management

Digital strategies for the future of wealth management

There’s a changing tide in wealth management. Looking toward an increasingly digital future, financial institutions are emphasizing meaningful strategies that help financial advisors and investors improve workflows and simplify their lives. Moving forward means rethinking the operating model that defines the client relationship, providing digital services that are intuitive, personalized, and real time.

For their part, financial technology providers must be able to support those capabilities via a built-in integrated user experience layer. Financial institutions should also have the choice of leveraging an API infrastructure to control the user experience and offer exceptional service.

With that in mind, here are four wealth management trends we see shaping the market in 2019 and beyond.

1. Holistic and Personalized

To stay innovative, financial institutions must keep pace with consumers’ needs and changing expectations. Investors are financially savvy and looking for the same type of digital experiences available to them in retail and entertainment channels. They want and expect accessible, easy-to-use digital offerings that give them a full view of their investments and finances, plus convenient ways to manage and move money in pursuit of their goals.


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