3 apps you should delete now

Okay, first of all I’d like to say that I love smartphones. Years ago, I started off with the original Motorola Droid. That phone was an awesome upgrade on the flip phones that I had previously owned (except maybe my Nextel Motorola i830). While smartphones are awesome, they can also be a pain. Here are three apps you should delete now and the reasons why…

Facebook: You’re probably on Facebook a lot. It doesn’t matter where you’re at (work, home, the car, a train) you’re probably picking up your phone and checking Facebook for notifications way too frequently during the day. Give yourself a break. While deleting the app may not keep you off Facebook entirely, it’ll definitely help you cut back on your screen time, and that’s probably a good thing. (Also applies to Twitter and Instagram)

WebMD: While it may be convenient to have in-depth drug information readily available when you’re sick, you can also drive yourself crazy with the WebMD app. You are not a doctor. Guess who is? Your doctor. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or just a little off, let your doctor give the diagnosis. Trying to figure out symptoms on your own will probably lead to stress or panic. There’s no point in worrying about cancer when you’re merely suffering from a mild case of Tennis Elbow.

Amazon: It’s most definitely convenient to be able to shop from your phone and get anything you could possibly need from Amazon, but how often do you spend money on things you don’t need just because it’s easy to do? There’s a ton of awesome, cheap and unnecessary items on Amazon, and not giving yourself easy access to them might be good for your wallet. (Watch out for Groupon as well)


John Pettit

John Pettit

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