3 best money management apps

We all think we are fully capable of managing our income, but how good are we really at making our paychecks last? If you’re like me, when payday arrives you feel on top of the world, ready to treat yourself to things you’ve been waiting to buy. Then, two weeks go by and you’re already in a tough spot. If you also have trouble making the most of your money, look into these top three money apps that’ll help keep tabs on your dough.


This popular app is a free budgeting resource that allows you to sync credit cards, monthly bills and bank accounts to one singular account. With Mint, you can get a look at your net worth at any time and your spending is separated into different categories. The app then calculates how much is spent on average in each category and uses this information to provide you with a solid budget. Mint will send you notifications if you go over your budget and also provides detailed information on your credit score.

You Need a Budget

YNAB starts by connecting to your accounts and then allows you to assign every dollar you spend to a specific category (for example, travel, food, etc.). This app helps you view your money in the present and use only what you have now, as opposed to guessing how much you’ll have to spend in the future. Once you get a solid feel for how your money is being spent and what categories you need more money for, your budget can be altered accordingly. This flexibility is what many users appreciate most about this app.


There are often small areas in life that we don’t focus on where we can save little amounts of money a month. The Digit app keeps on the lookout for these small ways we can save by checking spending every few days. By connecting with your checking account, Digit analyzes your income and spending and searches for a few dollars (if you can afford it) to set aside in a “Digit savings” account. Even if it’s a small amount per month, Digit is a simple way to stash away a few extra bucks.


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