3 Easy Steps To How To Wreck Your Credit Union

Executive managers running retail financial institutions need to avoid these leadership mistakes that could bring their entire organization crashing to the ground.

By Tom Glatt, Jr., Founder of Glatt Consulting

The world is chock full of instructive guides on how to drive your company to new and better heights. Moving cheese, throwing fish, building to last — all of these are frameworks defining paths to organizational excellence. But what about the framework for poor performance, for wasting resources, for disenfranchising employees? If you want to annihilate your bank or credit union for good, here are three sure-fire steps that will do the trick.

Step 1: Never Commit

Strong financial institutions have a clear end-result in mind with regard to the strategies they implement. The leaders know what they are trying to accomplish and waste few resources in pursuit of strategies that don’t relate. Furthermore, they are capable of ignoring the “noise” of their industry — commentary from industry experts and fellow leaders that breathlessly extoll the next big thing every entity “must adopt for survival.”

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