3 lessons employers can learn from the Great Resignation

A lot of the focus around the Great Resignation has been on employees and how their attitudes towards work have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s understandable, since they’re the ones resigning.

However, employers can learn a lot from the Great Resignation, too. Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of employees have reevaluated their career goals and their relationship with their jobs. Even people who have just started a business will have to adjust their business plan to keep up with this shifting attitude if they want to not only hire new workers, but also retain the workers they’ve got.

Be Flexible

Thanks to the pandemic, work life and personal life have become interconnected in a way that was unthinkable in pre-pandemic days. People that are working from home often have to take on the dual role of office worker and childcare provider, while the people that still have to show up physically to work have had to figure out how to balance their work responsibilities with their duties as a parent.


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