3 more ways you’re throwing your money away

We’ve talked before about some ways you’re throwing money away. It’s important to monitor your spending habits and get frivolous spending under control. If that’s important to you, here a few more ways you can cut back and keep that money in your pocket…

Name brands: Sometimes name brands matter. You probably love those really comfortable jeans, and for some foods, you can’t beat buying the good stuff. But for a lot of things, does it really make a difference? You can probably switch to store brands for things like allergy medicine or contact solution and not even notice. Actually you will notice something. You’ll notice how much money you saved.

Bottled water: It’s nice to grab a bottle of water on your way to the gym (if you’re one of those people who actually use their gym membership) so you can easily stay hydrated. But those bottles will really add up over the course of the year. Invest in a nice (and cheap) Nalgene or Camelbak bottle and drink some of that good ol’ tap water. You’ll save a bundle.

Snacks at the movies: If you’re anything like me, you love having a soft drink and some candy when you go to the movies. My local Regal Cinemas has never once stopped me from bringing a drink with me on my way in. Some theaters still crack down on outside food, but some are more lax. Ask your favorite theater how they feel about it next time you’re there, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

John Pettit

John Pettit

John Pettit is the Managing Editor for CUInsight.com. Web: www.cuinsight.com Details