3 personal things you should never talk about at work

Hopefully you realize that you should never talk about religion and politics at work, but if those are the only topics you’re avoiding, maybe you should think on it some more. Even though you spend a lot of time around your coworkers, there are a handful of topics that should remain off-limits. Here are three things you shouldn’t talk about at the office…

Money problems: Finances can be a touchy subject, and this is especially true at work. If your coworkers are being paid a similar salary to yours, they might have their own money problems to work out. Your boss probably doesn’t want to hear you complain about finances, and your subordinates are probably wishing they made as much money as you do. If you need to vent about money problems, try talking to family or a friend.

Relationship stuff: Complaining about relationship stuff can be annoying to your coworkers and may put you in a negative light. Things of this nature are probably better off inside a conversation with a close friend. And DO NOT talk about sex. That can get creepy really fast. Keep that information to yourself.

Legal issues: Similar to relationship conversations, legal issues can easily make you out to be the bad guy. Whether it’s a divorce, custody battle, or lawsuit you’re a part of, there are way too many emotions involved for you to spill the beans about your legal issues at work. These kinds of things should be kept private, at least until they’re resolved and you’ve had time to reflect on them.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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