3 Principals from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr that will change your life today

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for racial equality in America using peaceful, nonviolent means to aid his cause. This powerful approach has been employed by some of the greatest change-makers in history, but it shouldn’t be limited only to grand social causes. When used in everyday life, it can make a dramatic impact, and each of us has the ability to apply his passion and gentleness to our personal lives.

Know your vision. Dr. King had a clear vision, and he didn’t allow circumstances to distract him from his goal. With vision comes clarity and focus. If you’re struggling in an area of your life, be clear about what you want and move steadily toward it. If circumstances aren’t yet what you want, don’t allow them to distract you. Stay focused on the vision and watch changes begin to take place.

Violence harms everyone. Dr. King followed in the footsteps of Gandhi when he adopted nonviolent resistance as his approach to bringing his vision about. Some might argue that violence is a means to enforce change, but Dr. King knew that violence hurts victims and perpetrators alike. Using violence to bring your vision about cheapens it.

Love is key. Loving those who don’t agree with you can be hard, especially when disagreement brings pain. Love of self necessitates a love of others. We’re all in this together, after all. Agreement comes more easily when it comes through love.

Consider applying these principals to any area of your life. You have the power to be as inspirational and as change making as Dr. King.