3 signs you’re the office grump

Who’s the grump in your office? Who emits negative energy and is always in a bad mood? Can’t think of anyone off-hand? Uh-oh. You may be looking in the wrong direction. Here are 3 signs that you’re the office grump.

Your coworkers drive you crazy: We’ve all had that one coworker that drove us nuts. I think it’s pretty normal to be annoyed by someone’s antics at least once in your professional life. But what if your whole office drives you crazy? That’s normal too, right? Not so much. It’s not likely everyone in your office is going out their way to annoy you. Maybe you’re just a curmudgeon.

Your mornings don’t seem to end: If you’re not a morning person, waking up is something you dread. When that alarm goes off you probably hit snooze once or twice (or for an hour). A hot shower probably helps, and that first cup of coffee probably does wonders. But what if you’re still grouchy at 10:30? That’s a good sign that you’re a grump.

You’re annoyed by something new every day: If you’ve ever watched The Office, then I’m sure you know who Stanley is. He’s the grumpiest of grumps, and something was always getting on his nerves. It’s one thing to be bothered by someone you work with, but if you’re finding new things to be annoyed with on a daily basis, then you’re definitely a grump.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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