3 things consumers love about online referral programs

The final installment in our CX/UX series will look at the aspects of online referral programs that really excite your customers and get them to sign up and start spreading the word about your product to the people in their lives.

We’re going to focus on three key areas that encourage your customers to spread the word about your company:

1. Make it drop dead simple!

This may seem obvious but if you want your customers to sign up for your referral program and share the program with their friends, your program should have a flow which is clear for customers to follow and describe to others. Research revealed by Hubspot in 2014 revealed that more than half of visitors to websites spend fewer than 15 seconds on a site. Your referral program will be important to your company’s overall marketing but it’s not going to be so important to your customers that they will dedicate a great deal of time to figuring out how to navigate the referral site and how the program works. The content and design of your referral site could make or break your program.

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