3 things to consider before hiring a marketing firm in 2014

by. Bo McDonald

It’s January, the time when we receive an abundance of calls at YMC from prospective clients inquiring about our services. With the holidays behind us and the New Year finally here, many find themselves ready to make a change and up the ante when it comes to marketing.

Before you send an email or pickup your phone, WAIT! Let it be known that hiring a marketing firm is not a cure-all for what is ailing your organization. I can’t speak for other firms, but from our perspective there are several things you should think about.  You should be prepared to ask yourself some questions before considering hiring a marketing firm or more specifically my team:

  1. Are you ready to shake things up? Before you sign on the dotted line and cut that first check are you willing to listen to the advice being given? We don’t expect you to implement everything we say without question.    If you’re happy with the way you’ve “always done it” and you’re not willing to consider something different, you’re wasting your money paying for fresh new ideas.
  2. How do you prefer to communicate? A productive relationship with your marketing firm is based on clear communication, just like a happy and successful marriage. You should have your expectations and goals for hiring a new marketing firm prepared in advance. Then communicate those effectively before entering into an agreement. It will save a lot of strife in the long run. If we think you want fresh new ideas we will provide them for you. But if all you’re looking for is someone to continue carrying out your brand and marketing plan both parties will end up frustrated and unhappy in a short matter of time.
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