3 tips for maintaining credit union business continuity plans

How can you make time to maintain the business continuity plan for your credit union? Here are three tips to keep your contingency scenarios ready for action.

Once we put a plan in place, there is often a tendency to define that as the end point of our obligation. Unfortunately, that’s not how business contunity planning works. Perfectly manicured gardens get overgrown with weeds, fantastic hairstyles become shaggy and difficult to manage, and even clean kitchens fill with crumbs and oil. Business continuity plans are no different. To ensure the continuous success of your credit union through various worst-case scenarios and disasters, you’ll need to maintain your continuity plan to keep it in a first-rate shape.

When you’re not developing your BCP, and when you’re not actively testing it, you should be actively giving yourself time to maintain it. Whether through review, update, or bringing others on board to keep your plan steady across management, you’ll need to carve out time to sustain your plan.


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