3 unhealthy habits you can easily break today

As humans, we’re routine creatures. When it comes to being healthy, there are things we should stop doing, and things we should start doing. Here are 3 unhealthy habits you should break today.

Late-night fridge runs: Everybody craves a late-night snack. Sometimes you have to say “no” to your stomach. You probably shouldn’t eat much of anything after dinner, but especially cut down on the carbs. If you’re getting ready to run a midnight marathon, by all means, load-up on the carbs. But if you’re only getting ready to count sheep, you can do that just fine without the help of carbs. Last time I checked, sleeping doesn’t take much energy.

Not drinking enough H2O: Your body is made up of mostly water. If you’re drinking coffee all morning, a diet soda for lunch, and an energy drink in the afternoon, you’re not doing yourself any favors. I understand a cup of coffee in the morning, but after that you should switch to water for the rest of the day. ¾ to 1 gallon of water is a good rule of thumb for an adult male.

Sleeping too little or too much: There really isn’t a magic number when it comes to the amount of sleep that you need every night. Your body will tell you how much sleep you need to function properly. Try going to bed and waking up at different times and see what works best for you. Too little sleep will mess with your immune system, prevent you from losing weight, and lead to depression. Too much sleep can lead to obesity and diabetes. Listen to your body and be consistent with your sleep patterns.


John Pettit

John Pettit

John Pettit is the Managing Editor for CUInsight.com. Web: www.cuinsight.com Details