3 ways to always make the right decision

I have realized over time that I prefer to be a follower rather than a leader, and that’s okay. The world needs both! Part of the reason why I prefer to “go with the flow” is because of my difficulty making decisions. Whether it’s trying out something new at the grocery store, choosing a gift for a loved one, or making more significant life decisions, it usually takes me a long time to come up with my final choice. As it turns out, there are techniques and tips for making the right decision every time. Here are three helpful ways to stop hesitating before deciding.

Recognize the overall goal

Take a minute to think ahead and ruminate on the issue at hand. Decide if it’s something that actually warrants real time and attention. If it’s something small, go with your gut and take a leap. If it’s a more important subject, involving your career or personal relationships, think about where you want to end up. Reflect on what you really want, review the different avenues in front of you, and decide based on how your choice will affect you long term.

Trust yourself

It’s never a bad idea to consult with others when faced with a decision. They can provide you with food for thought on the issue and help you to consider a different angle you were potentially overlooking. But, remember that it’s on you to make the final call and the effects of your decision will impact YOUR life, and not necessarily theirs. So, don’t hesitate to get that second opinion, but trust your gut and do what you feel is right.

Don’t look back

Once you’ve decided, simply let go. Move forward and accept your choice. It may or may not turn out the way you wanted it to, but don’t look back or second-guess yourself. Applaud yourself for having the confidence it takes to decide and learn from the experience.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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