3 ways to get your credit union Business Impact Analysis data in shape

by. Robin Remines

Is your credit union Business Impact Analysis (BIA ) full of junk?  All too many times I’ve seen “answer phones” or “read email” show up on a critical process list. Now don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I don’t think phone or email are important to credit union operations but I’m more concerned about what PROCESSES you are handling while on the phone or reading your email. So how do you create meaningful data for your BIA?  That’s easy – identify and learn to distinguish between these three areas: Systems vs Tasks vs Processes

1) SYSTEMS – Your credit union Information Technology department maintains inventories of it’s systems, networks and applications.  A “system” can be identified as a tool – for instance, EMAIL is a tool, SPECTRUM (for all your Fiserv folks) is a tool.  Some common systems to look for when developing your BIA include:

  • Core Transaction Processor
  • Lending Application (Appro)
  • Internet (for all those web applications and 3rd party providers you use)

2) TASKS – I like to equate “tasks” with procedures. A task is an action taken in support of a “process” (we’ll get to that one I promise). The easiest way to help you weed out your “tasks” from your processes is with examples:

  • Reading your email is a TASK.
  • Filing a report is a TASK.
  • Answering phones is a TASK.

These items generally belong in procedures or “how to’s”.

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