4 benefits of an aesthetically pleasing branch or workplace (the last one may surprise you!)

We all know that feeling you get in a drab building, be it a bank branch or a corporate office. A building that feels uninspiring and demotivating. And these buildings are all too common, with our original research including over 1,200 credit union employees revealing that over 65% of credit union employees are unsatisfied with the general décor of their workplace!

Addressing the aesthetics of your facilities can have a real impact on how welcoming your spaces are, improve the mental health of those who use the spaces, boost employee productivity, and have a surprising impact on your bottom line.

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1. Aesthetically Pleasing Spaces Feel More Welcoming

Visual appeal has a psychological impact on how we feel about a space, and more importantly how welcome we feel being in that space. The design of a space sends a clear message to occupants.


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