4 CRM hang-ups (and how to overcome them)

I’m still unpacking the terrific CRM insights shared by Deidre Davis (CMO, Michigan State University FCU) and Pam Piligian (SVP of marketing and communications, Navy FCU) at the recent CEOs and Senior Executives Conference.

In my previous post I shared some key takeaways from our CRM panel discussion. This time around, I want to cover some common CRM hang-ups and holdups we discussed, and how to push through them.

1. Adaptability beats budget

CRM success stories often highlight the biggest and best-known global brands. (see Starbucks example in my last post) If you only focus on those headlines, it’s easy to conclude that only a huge organization with a large budget can succeed with CRM. It’s true that bigger organizations have a wider range of technology to invest in, but many credit unions actually have a structural advantage. “Smaller credit unions can take advantage and be more effective more quickly,” Deidre said. “They’re able to adapt more easily, and can typically get more employees to buy in more quickly.”


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