4 great reasons to smile more

The smiley face was created by Harvey Ball in 1963. Ball later decided that we should all devote one day a year to smiles and acts of kindness. He declared that the first Friday in October should be that day. Today on the 19th annual World Smile Day, make it your mission to do something kind for someone. It’ll make you feel good. This holiday is a great reason to smile, and here are 4 other reasons you should smile more every day.

To make a better first impression: When you’re meeting someone for the first time, you want to be warm and friendly. If you’re not smiling, good luck. As they say, “you only get one chance at a first impression.” Make your first impression a good one.

To be more attractive: Whether you’re at happy hour or a networking event, you want to be attractive. If you’re looking to meet someone for romantic reasons, you obviously want to be as attractive as possible, but even if it’s a business event, the more attractive and approachable you appear, the better your chance of making a connection.

To make you happier: You may be thinking that happiness causes smiles. While that’s true, smiles may also cause happiness. Putting a smile on your face (whether real or not) can actually trick your brain into putting you in a good mood and reduce stress. To me, that seems totally worth the energy it takes to smile.

To make someone else’s day: You never know when your smile can completely turn someone else’s day around. If even fake smiles can make your mood better, why wouldn’t you want to pass this gift on to someone else? A smile usually gets a smile in return and that might be just what a stranger needs to brighten up an awful day.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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