4 hurdles Millennials and Gen Z are facing and how credit unions may help

It is an easy assumption to believe that every generation had the same challenges and growing pains as any other.

The truth is even generational experts admit that Millennials and Generation Z have encountered specific and unique challenges in their quest to build financial stability and the best financial life possible in this ever-evolving, ever-changing 21st century. While some older Millennials may have secured themselves a home and started families, this era’s young adults as a whole have yet to root themselves in financial stability, even more so actual wealth.

Considering a troubling housing market, the still-lingering effects of COVID, rising inflation, and competing corporate philosophies of in-office vs. remote work preferences and more, these two generations are experiencing a rather large amount of uncertainty – both in their goals of achieving their personal finance objectives and their positions in the workplace.

So a big question seems to be: What are the most significant and foundational challenges Millennials and Gen Z face in their young lives and careers, and how might credit unions help them navigate these unpredictable times?


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