4 reasons you should wake up early

There are morning people and there are night owls. I’m naturally more of the latter, but I’ve slowly made the transition to being a little bit of both. While I’ll never be a true morning person, I’ve definitely seen the benefits of waking early. Think I’m crazy? I understand. Here are four reasons you should get up before everyone else…

You’ll be able to get that workout in: For a lot of us, we enjoy starting our day with a workout. And that day is called Saturday. It’s great to set the tone with a workout in the morning. Even if you have the laziest day ever, at least you know you started it off with a good workout. While this is easier on the weekends, exert some extra effort and see how your day changes when you start it off the right way.

You won’t skip breakfast: When you’re repeatedly smacking that snooze button to get every extra minute of sleep available, you may find yourself in a hurry to get ready in the morning. If this is you, you know the one thing that usually gets cut out is breakfast. Breakfast foods have great nutrients and provide us with energy to start our day. Don’t skip it. Wake up earlier.

You can be super productive: In the mornings, you’re efficient and nobody is around to bother you. Once the rest of the world wakes up, people are asking for things and the distractions are abundant. Take advantage of the quiet and get stuff done.

You can watch the sunrise: Have you seen a sunrise? Shielding your eyes from the sun when waking up on the front lawn of your frat house in college doesn’t count. Brew some delicious coffee, head outside, and actually watch the sun come up. It’s a majestic way to start your day.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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