4 things that are screwing up your finances

It’s nice when your finances are in good shape. But even when you’re on the right track, it’s not hard to get derailed. Here are four things that can knock your finances off-track…

Your list: It’s really the lack thereof that can get you off track. Making a list and sticking to it is an easy way to please your wallet. When you’ve budgeted for the things on your shopping list, you’ll get yourself in trouble if you start putting random items in your shopping cart. It can be bad to do at the grocery store and even worse if you’re somewhere like Target.

Your friends: You may see your neighbor with a new car, but it usually ends with you just admiring it from afar. It’s your friends that can really do you in. They’ll not only show you their new toy but they’ll give you five reasons why you need one. Don’t let your friends pressure you into making a wild purchase.

Sales: You’ve always wanted that “thing.” You’ve never wanted to pay retail price for it, but now you see it on sale. It’s so tempting, and yet it’s still overpriced and nowhere near necessary. Unless it’s a ridiculous, once-in-a-lifetime deal, don’t even think about it.

Social media: Social media is like all three of the above in one. You see pics of your friends’ new toys. You get customized ads that show exactly what you want (even though you don’t really WANT to see these things), and you see posts about things that are constantly on-sale and for sale. Careful anytime you click a link, it may take you to Amazon and then you’re only a click away from making a big mistake.

John Pettit

John Pettit

John Pettit is the Managing Editor for CUInsight.com. Web: www.cuinsight.com Details