4 things you need to know about ATM and branch equipment management and maintenance

Many financial institutions spend too much time and money juggling numerous vendors to keep their equipment, including ATMs, up and running. (Just ask Bank of America, which pays $1 billion a year just to shuffle cash around in armored trucks!) While it may seem like that’s just the way the business goes, the truth is there are better ways for community banks and credit unions to manage their branch equipment so they can maximize savings and focus their time on more important things.

When it comes to ATM and other branch equipment management and maintenance, you need to know four important things:

1.      You have options.

There are many trustworthy companies out there whose sole purpose is to help financial institutions like yours stay on top of equipment maintenance with minimal involvement of your staff. And whether you need full management and maintenance of all your branch equipment or you just want to focus on consolidating your ATM vendors, a perfect match awaits.


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