4 ways to keep saving on the brain

1. Never forget what you’re saving for

Keep your goal in mind. Everyone has a different savings goal whether it is putting away money for retirement or saving for a vacation. When you go shopping you need to keep your goal in the back of your mind. It can be easy to focus on what you are losing out on but instead you should focus on what you are going to get in return.

2. When you get a raise, don’t change a thing

When you get your first paycheck after a raise it is easy to look at that big number and see all the new things you can buy with it. However, there is no reason to change the way that you have been living. Don’t feel the need to keep up with the Joneses, you’ve been living happily on your previous income with no complaints. Use that extra cash as additional savings.

 3. Stay true to your budget

Once you know what you can spend each week, stick to that amount. Before you go shopping, make a list and only get the things that you need. I know those Keebler elves can make some incredible cookies and when they are on sale they are darn near irresistible, but if they aren’t in your budget, you don’t need them. Not everyone can operate by creating a list, but most people know what they can spend without going under. Don’t get wild with your spending.

4. Keep your focus on earning

Saving is incredibly important, but you should never stop trying to earn more. Whether that means working hard for a promotion or taking on a side job, having more money generally solves more problems than it causes. Remember that investing in yourself will yield a high return, so don’t be afraid to consider more education or certifications even if it costs you something upfront. You can’t save if you don’t earn, and earning more means more potential savings.