4 ways to make 2018 a year of financial success

New year, new you? How about new year, a new financial situation? The start of a fresh new year provides the feeling of a clean slate and an exciting opportunity to change things up.

According to a survey by YouGov, spending less money is third most common New Year’s resolution that American’s make. According to the survey, in total, 42% of women intend to either save money or save more money in the new year, compared to 31% of men.

With saving money being such a popular resolution, here are a few realistic ways you can attain your money goals this year:

  1. Scope out your year for important money milestones. What is important to you this year? New baby coming? Getting married? Want to take that big Europe trip? These are all important milestones in your life that also come with a price tag. Looking ahead for the year and thinking about what you may have coming up will help you to create a more clear plan for the rest of the year.


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