4 ways to stay in touch with your members on a snow day!

by. Robin Remines

Like many across the east coast this morning, I woke up to a foot of snow and the sound of pounding sleet/wind. It wasn’t a huge surprise since the alerts had been coming to my cell phone since early morning that schools, government offices and credit unions were closed due to the storm. In the past, that generally meant that all business was stopped until the storm (event) cleared. Not in today’s high tech world though!  If you are looking for creative ways to stay in touch with your members on a snow day, this post is for you!

Using your member facing tools, especially your website or Facebook page is a great way to engage members who may be unable to get to your branches due to inclement weather. Jump online today and see what a difference you can make!

1) Promote mobile deposit capture – What better time is there than when your members (and you!) are snowed in to promote your high-tech/high-service offerings. Mobile deposit offerings “capture” the spirit of your credit unions commitment to providing service at all times while also pursuing a deeper relationship with the member. Run an online promo across your banner today!

2) Special web only loan promotion – Everyone likes a special deal and snow days are a great time to reward your online followers with special web-only loans. Consider discounted rates, “no payment til Spring” or other creative low-cost, low-risk packaging. Your members will love it!

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