4 ways to think big and start small with video

by. Jonathan Lay

“We’ve got this great idea for a video!” I’ve heard that one before.

“First, we’re in the drive-thru. We have someone put the camera in the capsule and we record the trip of the camera careening through the piping. Then, with a microwave ding, the capsule lands in the banking room and then… ” the story continues, often times culminating with our hero saving the planet and a loose end in the event if there is a sequel on the horizon.

I’ll admit. That’s already an ambitious idea. And that’s totally fine when brainstorming ideas for video content.

But unless you have a guy or gal on staff that has shot/edited video before and has a handle on storytelling, it’s advisable to produce a small independent movie versus a Michael Bay production with an average shot length of 2.7 seconds. Plus explosions.

So here are four ways to think big and start small with video at your credit union or community bank.

1. Research by watching videos

This is an opportunity to begin to determine the style and type of videos your production team (in house and/or outsourced) is looking to produce, especially if you are struggling to figure out tone and style. It also provides the ability to receive feedback on possible ideas from other people within the organization before even pushing the record button.

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