5 cloud migration challenges consulting services can help with

If you’ve made the decision to migrate your IT architecture to the cloud, you’re in good company. In a recent report on cloud adoption, cloud usage among respondents grew to 90% while 48% said they planned to migrate half or more of their apps to the cloud in 2022.  From a security, cost, and efficiency standpoint, migration to the cloud makes a lot of sense. However, it can be a complicated undertaking. Alacriti Consulting can assist with the following:

1. New Level of Complexity

Moving away from your current infrastructure and taking on new products and services can be nerve-racking. Implementing a strategy, understanding your current business model, and having a partner will help ease the transition to Alacriti’s cloud partner, AWS. Alacriti Consulting can provide you with a clear path to success.

2. Roadmap and Migration Plan

Before beginning the transformation journey, the firm should develop a roadmap and migration plan that establishes priorities and the steps needed to accomplish them in sequence. The cloud architecture should incorporate backup and redundancy features while addressing security and performance concerns. It should also integrate toolsets and processes to manage the cloud (once implemented) and to make sure anticipated business benefits are realized. With Alacriti Consulting spearheading these efforts with your firm, it will be a smoother transition.


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