5 customer-centric banking techniques to master in 2021

It’s a fact: banking consumers are primarily relying on digital channels for their banking needs. According to a recent Aite report, more than half of all generations—including seniors and baby boomers—reported logging into financial accounts using a desktop or laptop at least once per week. In addition, more than 80 percent of millennials reported accessing financial accounts using a smartphone at least once per week.

This rush to adopt digital banking technologies has fundamentally shifted strategies toward a customer-centric banking focus: that is, enhancing the banking experience for customers wherever they are. And as institutions focus on building relationships and growing business, there are key features that will contribute to personalized, seamless and superior banking experiences for digital adopters.

Does your institution have an established customer-centric banking strategy? Make sure you master the following techniques to prioritize the experiences of new and existing customers.

Prioritize Digital Account Opening

As consumers continue relying on online or mobile banking, institutions must prioritize the optimization of digital account opening for new and existing customers. For many consumers, opening an online account is their first interaction with an institution—and it should be seamless.


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