5 identity theft protection tips to keep your data safe while traveling

It’s exactly what you needed—a chance to get away and relax. But even when you’re on vacation, it’s important to protect yourself from scammers and identity thieves. Below are five tips to keep your data safe on your next trip:

1. Steer clear of travel scams

Travel-related fraud can happen before you even leave the house. We know that credit card fraud is particularly problematic in the travel industry. One popular scam according to the Federal Trade Commission is rental listing scams. Scammers may make up listings for homes that don’t exist and post them on vacation rental websites. They might offer great deals in high-demand destinations, which can be tempting. Often, they’ll ask you to wire money, which is irreversible, before you’ve met or signed a contract.

Some fraudsters may create a fake but legitimate-looking site to try to trick unsuspecting travelers. This is also known as phishing. They may lure you in with the potential win a free vacation or the promise of a low rate. Their goal is to get your personal data, like credit card information.


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