5 key questions about hosted e-mail for credit unions

by. Kirk Drake

About 15 years ago, the credit union I worked at decided to separate e-mail from the core system.  It seem ridiculous now that we used our core for an e-mail platform and at the time – you couldn’t e-mail to the outside world.  As we made this transition, each year more and more “bolt-on” components were added.  First it was anti-virus then spam filtering.  Today, most credit unions support 5 or 10 different IT systems just to run e-mail with all of the add-on products.  The transition to cloud and the need to focus on the core business continues to drive technology professionals to look at moving to credit union hosted e-mail .

There are many great reasons to move to hosted e-mail and we believe Ongoing Operations is uniquely positioned to provide these services.  That being said – here are some of the great questions our clients have asked us about hosted e-mail.

Can Hosted E-mail webmail and active sync enable the credit union to maintain its active directory environment for security and authorization?

Yes.  While there are a variety of different ways to solve this problem.  OGO enables clients to both add and manage users through our portal while we are also testing a password sync feature that ties into the credit unions Active Directory environment.  The main advantage of this is that as users change their passwords they will sync with our platform and avoid password resets or changes.

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