5 money tips from mom

Value of a dollar

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees,’ was a common phrase in my household. At the time is was a heartbreaking thing to hear as I was eyeing a new bike, but now that idiom has new meaning. My mother wasn’t saying ‘no,’ so much as instill a respect for the hard work it takes to earn that bike. It doesn’t grow on trees because it you have to earn it through hard work.


The true price of a bargain

Mom was always looking for bargains and ways to better save money, but she explained sometimes you have to spend more for a better value. If a bargain pair of sneakers would only last a couple months, you save money in the long run by starting off the with more expensive, higher quality pair.


Need vs. Want

Sometimes it seemed like my mother was the queen of ‘no.’ It got to the point where my mother would preemptively say no as we were driving past the ice cream shop before my siblings or I could even ask. At one time everyone has thought they needed a triple scoop of mint chocolate chip to survive, and while it felt like we need it at the time, being told no kick started one of the healthiest money habits.


Save but don’t over do it

Even when saving may have been in the forethought, mom always knew when it was okay to spend. While it is important to save, mom taught it’s never okay to sacrifice a big bank account for your health and well-being. We should never sacrifice our mental or social health for a financial one. If one night on the town brings up our spirits, we can save better in the long wrong and be happy about it.


Ask for help

While she didn’t intend for this to be about finances, she always said to never be too proud to ask for help. You can’t know everything and there will always be someone who knows more than you.

Another great phrase I heard a lot as a child was, “because I said so.” (If you haven’t gathered at this point I was a rather difficult child) But it is precisely because she said so that I have some healthy financial habits. All moms have their own ways of unknowingly teaching these values, and while she may have been about saving and bargaining, I think any mother would be okay if you were splurge on some flower for her this mother’s day.