5 morning routines that lead to success

Much of our accomplishments each day are decided by our morning routines. If we continually hit the snooze button barely making it to the office on time, our days may look a little more chaotic. However, if we plan out our mornings – allowing time to enjoy the peace and quiet – we may find ourselves far more productive throughout our days.

The New York Times’ Benjamin Spall reflects on the more than 300 successful people he’s interviewed about their morning routines and landed on five common themes. They include:

  1. Experiment with your wake-up time. Experimenting with what time you wake up shouldn’t solely rest on the time you need to get ready and out the door. Try building in some time to enjoy the morning and think through the day.
  2. Make time for whatever energizes you. For me, this includes a morning run on my treadmill while reading up on the day’s news.


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