5 Netflix options that will educate and entertain your kids

Being stuck at home for an indefinite amount of time can be a real bummer for anyone who’s anticipating the cabin fever that is to come. As bad as you might find it, it can be even rougher for you kids. If you’re not lucky enough to have a big backyard you can send you children out into, they may end up spending a lot of time “rotting their brains” in front of the TV. Fortunately, every option to watch isn’t mindless and awful (by the way, Disney Plus released Frozen 2 early, so if you’ve got little ones, be prepared to watch that every day until August). If you’d like to find some programming that can keep your kids entertained but also teach them a few things, here are five interesting options from Netflix…

Night on Earth (TV-PG): This 7 episode mini series uses new “night-vision” technology to take a clearer look into the darkness to show just what happens when night falls in the wild. “From the African savanna to be Peruvian desert”, you’ll see things you’ve never seen before, in a way you’d never imagine.

72 Cutest Animals (TV-PG): “This series examines the nature of cuteness and how adorability helps some animal species to survive and thrive in a variety of environments.” That description came directly from Netflix. If that’s not enough to convince you, the first episode has Koalas and trust me, you’ll be all-in after that. Check out 12 episodes here. 

Dream Big: Engineering Our World (TV-G): This short (42 min) documentary will let you “examine some incredible achievements of engineering from across the globe.” From the Great Wall of China to  sustainable cities, this documentary looks at some true engineering marvels. Oh, and as a bonus, if you’re a fan of The Big Lebowski, this one is narrated by The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges.

Ask the StoryBots (TV-Y): Okay now this one may seem like something for the little ones (and it totally is) but holy cow it’s fun. I watched a few episodes and it’s hard to stop. “Five inquisitive little creatures track down the answers to kids’ biggest questions, like how night happens or why we need to brush our teeth.” These questions may be for kids, but everyone will get something out of it. Watch all 22 episodes here.

The Mars Generation (TV-PG): This documentary follows along as “self-professed teenage ‘space nerds’ at Space Camp chase their dreams of traveling to Mars, while experts reflect on NASA’s history and future.” Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and others take a look at how a trip to Mars isn’t as crazy as you might think.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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