5 reasons your credit union needs a (better) website/mobile locator

You are putting a lot into your website and mobile presence…because you know that’s where consumers are looking. Your homepage is, obviously, a big consideration for your design – and you have, understandably, made it look appealing. You are featuring your best products and services. You are highlighting the latest information, prices, rates and anything else you believe website and mobile visitors might find appealing. Account access is at the top of your list for functionality…because you know that most website and mobile users are visiting your site to check balances, transfer funds and pay bills. You have this whole website and mobile thing in the bag.

After all, mobile and website users don’t physically access their money, right?

#1 – Actually, digitally savvy people are not only more likely to comment and interact with your credit union via social media, they are also the most likely to rely on their mobile devices and computers to locate your branches and ATMs. Next to your home page and account access, your locations page grabs more hits than any other page on your site.

#2 – Surprisingly, Google and other directions search sites don’t always have the most accurate address information. If you have recently built new branches or ATMs or changed some locations, mapping sites are not the best source for your members to be finding you. Can you imagine driving somewhere to find an ATM or branch…only to discover that it is no longer available?

#3 – If your locations page is a list – even if you include an embedded map – you are sending people off-site to find you and losing the chance to recapture that audience to other parts of your site. But, if that possibility doesn’t dissuade you from your current list format, the lack of member convenience should.

#4 – Does your current locator include the locations for any ATM networks or shared branch programs you are taking part in? It should. Sending visitors to other sites and apps to view these locations is taking away from your brand presence…and reducing the chances that your locator will be your member go-to tool.

#5 – The rest of your website or mobile app is branded, interactive and technologically advanced. Why isn’t your locator? Members are demanding digital AND physical convenience. A fully branded, interactive locator is the perfect tool to bridge that gap…and offer one more reason for your website and mobile visitors to keep coming back.

Your website and mobile applications are an extension of your brand. Providing the resources your members rely on is key to continuing to be top-of-mind and the type of credit union people brag about.


Rebecca Hellmann

Rebecca Hellmann

Rebecca Hellmann is a marketing manager and branding professional with over seven years of experience in the industry. Her primary areas of expertise include copywriting, marketing strategy, design and advertising. ... Web: www.atmmarketplace.com Details