5 tips for financial marketers to tap AI’s personalization potential

In a world where most consumers think and act 'digital-first,' financial marketers must leverage new technologies enabling personalized interactions and offers — in real time, and in any channel. Fintechs have the edge over traditional institutions... for now. But this will shrink as more banks and credit unions embrace AI tools.

While fintech companies have been at the leading edge of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered innovation, financial services marketers are making up ground fast. McKinsey Global Institute says healthcare, financial services, and professional services have seen the greatest increase in their profit margins because of AI adoption.

Advances in digital and mobile banking have created a “greenfield” of new opportunities for bank and credit union marketers, including leveraging data to map, analyze, and optimize the customer journey through inbound and outbound marketing interactions.

For financial brands beginning to transform their marketing, there are five best practices that will enhance customer engagement across the customer journey.


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