5 ways credit unions can build a better CX than fintechs

A quarter of financial institutions still provide little or no data-based personalization in their marketing, providing data-savvy competitors with an easy way to siphon off customers. Traditional institutions face numerous hurdles to improving their use of data, but with the right efforts, they can overcome those obstacles.

Banks and credit unions begin collecting personal financial data from the time they first sign up consumers. From there the accumulation builds exponentially, creating a mountain of data that fintechs drool over. Yet, a survey by Total Expert shows a shocking number of financial brands still do not routinely use data-driven insights to improve customer experience.

Why? It’s not as if consumers adamantly oppose proper use of their data. The rapid growth of fintechs confirms that consumers will allow third-party service providers to access their personal and financial data — often welcoming it. Consumers do this because they hunger for someone to connect them to the products and services that will truly improve their lives, according to Lori Blix, Marketing Campaign Director, Financial Services, for Total Expert.

The right use of data, she said, provides a very lucrative roadmap for banks and credit unions to follow.

Total Expert, a marketing and customer experience platform provider, surveyed bank and credit union marketers in advance of a webinar presented in cooperation with The Financial Brand. The survey responses were drawn about evenly from banks and credit unions.


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