6 financial marketing technology trends you must watch in 2019

Everything will soon be powered by artificial intelligence and fueled by data. Banks and credit unions that fail to accept this will get hammered. Neglect your martech stack and ignore these digital marketing trends at your own peril.

Whether they realize it or not, every financial institution is now a data company. Data is the lifeblood of digital organizations — critical to understanding consumers so you can improve service, develop better products and, ultimately, increase revenues by selling more.

“Many organizations are working with their marketing agencies and vendors to figure out where they can gather data to get that understanding,” according to Ali Hanyaloglu, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Criteo, speaking during an eMarketer webinar on trends in marketing technology.

This is why, within marketing, larger and ongoing investments into an institution’s martech stack have become increasingly important.

Together with Hanyaloglu, Nicole Perrin, Senior Analyst at eMarketer, addressed six martech issues centered on data, AI and automation that will loom large in 2019.


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