6 good data habits to adopt in 2024

While you’re figuring out your new year’s resolutions, make sure your credit union is making some resolutions of its own. Here are six good data habits your credit union can adopt in the new year to make it your most successful year yet!

1. Build or update a data roadmap

Whether your goal is to start actually using your gym membership in the new year, or to improve your credit union’s relationship with data, the best way to ensure success is to have a plan. Your credit union may already have a data roadmap in place – now is the time to review that plan, see what you accomplished in 2023, and update it to include your goals for 2024. If your credit union doesn’t have a roadmap, start by establishing some of your data goals; this may be anything from auditing data for duplicates or misinformation or procuring a data management platform.


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