6 marketing myths credit unions should definitely rethink

Several widely held misconceptions may be preventing marketing strategies from firing on all cylinders. Google's Media Lab identifies three of these mental roadblocks, while other sources supply three other examples. Eliminating them could significantly shift bank and credit union marketers' thinking.

Search Google for “marketing myths” and you could easily spend hours sifting through the results. One of the first you’ll see is one of Google’s own blogs.. When the big cheese of digital marketing weighs in on misguided marketing practices and beliefs, bank or credit union have to pay attention.

The blog, by Joshua Spanier, Vice President of Google’s Media Lab, focuses on three marketing myths that the lab “busted” in the past year. The Media Lab manages the media strategy for all of Google’s advertising campaigns. The Financial Brandsupplemented Google’s thoughts with input from several other expert marketing sources, adding three other myth categories in the process.

The comments below may assist financial marketers to correct misunderstandings, which could improve marketing results.


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