6 tips to maximize social media marketing campaigns

Not long ago, about the only way to get people to like your financial institution’s Facebook page or follow you on Twitter was to offer a monetary incentive, usually in the form of a giveaway or contest. But you don’t need to give away tablets, TVs and cash to get people to connect with you on social media. Here are six tips to help grow your social media community and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns in social channels.

1. Create personas

Start by building the top four personas that represent the kind of people you want to attract. Use these personas as the basis for four different social media campaigns, with each campaign having a different audience and budget. Developing the personas and the structure of the ad campaigns before determining copy and images will allow you to determine the type of ad that will resonate with each persona. And, you’ll be able to optimize the budgets for each campaign once you determine which campaign is the most effective. After all, your financial institution has more than one product, multiple demographics and even multiple touch points that would resonate with different audiences. Shouldn’t your social media messaging be customized to your audience as well?

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