6 ways credit unions can slay their digital demons

Forces of change sweeping through the financial industry make the status quo entirely irrelevant. That's why banking providers that have done well in the past few years may be those most at risk for continued success. It's not too late to change, but the transition must follow a roadmap, or your organization will find itself lurching from one project to another.

Financial institutions face so many demands for change, that sometimes sitting back and waiting for it all to sort itself out is tempting, especially when profits and return on assets are strong.

That’s a temptation banks and credit unions must resist, however. Given the many shifts in competition, technology, and consumer and business needs and expectations, what’s the right path, then? What are the new strategic “must do’s” for financial institutions today?

There are six strategic factors for a community financial institution to thrive and remain relevant with consumers, small businesses, and even with employees and communities.


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