6 ways employee experience drives the bottom line

Employee Experience—sometimes referred to as EX—is anything but a soft, abstract concept; in fact, employee experience drives the bottom line in several ways. We’re going to examine a few right now. Think along, because I’d love to hear from you in the comments at the end.

Really quickly before we get into these, it may be beneficial to point out that while the terms employee engagement and employee experience are certainly interrelated, they’re not synonymous.


For example, if we wanted to better engage our teams, we’d want to do more around things like coaching, learning and development, and helping them better navigate change. Those are all examples of things we’d do to engage our teams, and there are a host of other things that would fall under that umbrella.

Those things would certainly affect Employee Experience. We’d want to get as detailed and passionate as some of us may about CX. It’s a holistic picture—a holistic journey—describing how people feel during their entire time interacting and working with an organization.


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