7 traits bankers can learn from Olympic champions

There are thousands of great athletes, but only a few ever reach the Olympic podium. Skill definitely has a lot to do with that, but there are traits that differentiate the best from the rest. The good news is that bankers can learn from these traits to change outcomes and make success more achievable.

As I watch the Olympics, I am in awe of the skill of the athletes that compete at such a high level. While the media tends to focus only on the best of the best, I realize that there are thousands of others that either make it to the Olympics but don’t reach the podium, or don’t even qualify for the Olympics despite all of the skill and training that has occurred over many years.

It made me think about what sets the champions apart from other highly skilled competitors, and whether there may be analogy that could apply to the current and future state of banking. In doing some research, it is clear there are many lessons to be learned by both bankers and the organizations they work for.

While there may not be any Olympic champions reading this article in the banking industry, here are 7 traits of a champion that could help people and organizations achieve greater success.


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